Mojos style guide

What we want from content producers

World Nomads helps travellers “explore their boundaries” and our content is all about sharing stories about experiences, and crafted around our brand values:

  • Connecting Locally.
  • Seeking Experiences.
  • Learning Skills.
  • Giving Back.
  • Staying Safe


While sunsets, mountain vistas and the sound of surf crashing on a white sand beach are all important aspects of travel, what we want you to convey in your content is how that experience affected you. Did you meet locals who changed the way you view the world. Was there an opportunity to give back to a place you liked, what changed in you from what you saw, and did?

And don’t forget, travel is a very sensory experience. It helps if your content also addresses sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, time, pain/pleasure, balance, temperature (to name a few).

With this in mind it is most important when creating content for us to ask these questions:

  • Does my story showcase someone exploring his or her boundaries?
  • What World Nomads theme does my story feature?
  • What senses does my story appeal to?
  • Is it a completely original idea, or a fresh take on an experience?
  • Would other travelers be interested in this story (could they imagine themselves in the situation, do they learn something, does it inspire them?)
  • Does your story contain an element of travel “magic”?
  • Is the traveler (specifically their emotions) at the heart of the experience?
  • Is the traveler somehow transformed by the experience? Do you get insight into the traveler’s personal thoughts, feelings and opinions?
  • Why would a discerning audience be compelled to watch/read/engage with the content?


Think of it like this: an ordinary traveller posts a photo of a mountain and talks about how majestic it is, how tall it is, where it is. A Nomad posts a photo of a mountain and talks about how being there made them feel, about the people they met, what they learned, and how having visited it has changed their life.

Video Content

As an additional guide to video makers – the visual style should reflect our core values and fit one of these types:

  • Poetic Visual: These videos follow a traveller’s experiences encompassed by beautiful shots and narrated by voiceover. The tone of the piece talks to emotion, high-level travel beliefs and almost takes on a poetic element. Or, could simply be astonishing visual content with great music.
  • My Experience: These videos are driven by what is happening. The people in the video can be primary or secondary to the event that is taking place. The event is powerful enough to evoke emotion and convey the experience and the traveller weighs in with varying degrees of personal commentary. Example: Chris in “Pedro do Sal”, Andre in the Holi festival
  • Transformational: These videos show how travel changes a person. They feature a traveler in the moment, facing something new, different or challenging and capture them discuss their feelings/emotions before and after the fact.
  • Connect Locally: These videos are feature travellers’ interaction with locals. They feature a shared experience or activity that one or both of them is very passionate about and discuss that cross-cultural connection.
  • Social Good: These videos are issue-driven and aim to share information and experiences to educate other travellers about a place or topic through watching another traveller’s journey.
  • Travel Safety: These videos look at certain aspects of travel safety, from Running With The Bulls to Full Moon Party, they inform and educate travellers going into precarious situations what they are really getting into, and how they can stay safe.