Pitch your idea to us

Got a great travel story?


We’re not taking any pitches at the moment. Sorry!

We’re having a good hard think about what we want, and how we’ll work with you amazing Nomads. When we’ve finished that process (we’re NOT going to say the word ‘strategy’ – oops!) we’ll tell you all about it.

There’ll be clearer guidelines about what type of pitches are more likely to succeed, and exactly what it is we want, and what you’ll get, from our collaborations.

In the meantime

If you are a travel blogger, writer, photographer, filmmaker  or other content creator and you want to work with World Nomads – go to our Opportunities page where we post briefs for content we’d like created. If there’s something that suits, join Mojos and apply.

Even if you don’t win that opportunity your name, details and skills-base go into a database. When new opportunities and commissions come up we go through that database looking for suitable candidates.