Writers Wanted: First-Timers Guide to Gap Year Travel

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Did you take a year off to travel before starting university or college? Or, have you taken a sabatical from the 9-5 life to explore the world?

We’re looking for digital nomads, travel writers, bloggers, and full-time travelers to share their tips, wisdom, and stories with first-time gap year travelers!

Have a look through the titles and let us know in the submission form below which ones you’re an expert at, and why you are perfect to write the story.

Please note – we have a specific brief, with specific requirements for style, tone and approach. DO NOT SEND COMPLETED WORKS THROUGH MOJOS. You must apply to be awarded the commissions, where you should include links to published work or your own travel blog, and we will be in touch via email if you are successful with more details regarding the assignment.

Deadlines: Applications by 17th July

First draft by 28th July

Payment: 50 cents (USD) per word. If you’re a blogger, writer or author, we’re also happy to put a backlink in the author bio. For photo submissions, payment will be discussed separately.

Expertise required: Professional Writers and Photographers wanted. See individual stories for more details.

The Brief:

Select one (or more) of the articles below. In your application, list the article number, and explain why you’re best suited to write for us. The more detail you provide, the more likely your chances of being awarded the commission.

1. Year-round Trip Planner (550 words maximum)

Where and when to travel, with month-by-month details of seasonality in different regions, and where to start your round-the-world trip. E.g. Is it a good idea to start in India in June and end in Australia next June?

2. Useful Apps to Use on the Road (550 words maximum)

Tips on the most useful digital apps for travelers to use on the road. Including: Language apps, iExpenseit, trip planners, flight booking apps, currency exchange apps.

3. Responsible Travel (550 words maximum)

How to identify projects/voluntourism opportunities that aren’t as good as they say they are, and how volunteering the right way will change your life. You must list a range of tips on how to pick the right opportunities to suit your personal skills, and include links to reputable companies to talk to for more information.

4. TEFL and Learning Opportunities (550 words maximum)

Tips on picking the right places to teach overseas, and how to determine if you’ve got the right skills before you start. From your own experiences, you must be able to identify which countries are best to teach English, where help is needed most, and links to schools and sites to check out for more information.

5. Skills and Types of Work on the Road (550 words maximum)

We’re looking for an experienced digital nomad to share the expectations vs reality for digital nomads. Where do you find jobs, working hubs, and co-living spaces overseas? Please also talk about alternative jobs, such as bartending, being a barista, and making connections and using them to find work overseas, learning languages to make the working opportunities more valuable.

6. Alternative Methods of Traveling Around (550 words maximum)

Looking for a traveler that has experienced the following modes of travel: overland travel, freighter travel, hiking, cycling, hiring cars, vans, sailing – to include tips on what the best modes of transport are for different regions, and why they are better than flights.

7. Learning Opportunities for Travelers (550 words maximum)

What new skills and work opportunities can travelers pick up along the road? Share your tips on how you honed or learnt a craft (photography, writing, film, painting etc) on the road, and why traveling will teach you more than a university degree, or college degree will.

8. Booking Accommodation (550 words maximum)

Share your expertise in what you look for in accommodation, and tips on how far in advance to book, or how to book when you’re on the move a lot.

From your experience, you should also be able to identify the perks of organising accommodation before you arrive, vs booking when you get there.

You should also be able to identify the potential pitfalls of arriving late, and not being able to find somewhere to stay until daylight.

9. Experiences to Book Before vs While You’re Traveling (550 words maximum)

What experiences you should be booking in advance (E.g. Everest Base Camp, Machu Picchu) vs what you can wait to book when you arrive.

Talk about the perks and pitfalls of booking through tour groups, and booking locally.

What you should look out for (avoid elephant rides, don’t go to the zoo and pat the sedated tiger, don’t go to ‘sanctuaries’ that aren’t actually being responsible at all).

10. Ultimate Pre-Travel Checklist (550 words maximum)

We’re looking for a traveler that can share the ultimate checklist for first-time travelers. You should include visas, passports, making copies of documents, which vaccinations you should get and how far out you need them, letting your bank know you’re going overseas, finding options for phone providers, what bag you should look for depending on the type of travel.

11. Travel & Tech (550 words maximum)

We’re looking for a writer that can provide a ‘Digital Nomad’s starter kit’ for gap-year travelers. What tech will come in handy? Do you really need a laptop? What cameras should you bring? When is it best to put the camera down and enjoy your travels? Provide a few tips on keeping your tech safe.

12. Travel Money Tips (550 words maximum)

We’re looking for experienced travelers that can showcase the pros and cons for using cash, or using travel money cards.

Talk about ways to make conversions easier, and how to go about exchanging money when crossing borders, or visiting new destinations.

13. What to Save Money on, and When to Splurge (550 words maximum)

We’re looking for a writer that can help budget travelers identify which opportunities are good to splurge on, and where you can budget futher.

Let’s say you’re on trip of a lifetime, and there’s nothing wrong with spending big – when the time is right.

Include a few tips on how to save on the small stuff. E.g. Buying food from local markets, cheaper accommodation, choosing transport that’s cheaper.

Talk about experiences that are worth spending big on.

14. How to Beat Jetlag (550 words maximum)

We’re looking for the best tips on how to beat jetlag. In your application, please share a few stories about your experiences, and what’s worked best for you. We’re looking for a writer that has traveled far, and beat jetlag in the most difficult cases.

15. Avoid Feeling Lonely and Travel Burnout (550 words maximum)

Tips on dealing with emotions, breakups, making friends, anxiety, and how to overcome stressful times on the road.

16. Responsible Habits for Travelers (550 words maximum)

We’re looking for a traveler that can share tips on where and how to spend locally to give back, how to help out where you can, what tours/activities to avoid doing when you’re traveling.

17. How to Break Away From the Hostel Bubble (550 words maximum)

How can travelers make more of an effort to meet locals, and not just follow other travelers around the whole time. We’re looking for tips on how to break away from the tour group, or how to branch out and make new friends, instead of following a group of hostel friends around. Why it’s best to get to know the locals, and immerse yourself in the culture.

18. How to Keep the Dream Alive Post-Travel (550 words maximum)

When you get back from your gap year, don’t forget to explore your own backyard! We want a writer to help talk about ways to explore back home: whether it be camping, hiking, or just exploring outside your major city. Plus, include a few tips for full time workers to avoid the 9-5 burnout.

Tips for applicants:

These stories are designed to be standalone blog posts to be featured on WorldNomads.com, but will also be reformatted to become a downloadable Insider’s Guide.

Please include links to examples of your own work published elsewhere, and explain why you’re best suited to write each article. List the number of the article next to the title above. Due to large numbers of applicants, we select writers based on the amount of extra detail provided around why they are best suited to write for World Nomads.

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