Write – Budget planning for Australia

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How much money do I need to travel to Australia?

The Job:

Write for World Nomads: How much money do I need to visit Australia?


We want an article addressing the often asked question “how much money do I need for Australia?”
Australia is notoriously expensive (sorry about that) and we need to help other Nomads budget appropriately.
Without going into fine detail of exact prices (because the article will be out of date quickly) what are the range of prices, what’s a common cost of items such as airline tickets, food, clothing, booze… and other common items Nomads would need while here:
  • How much to hire a motorhome for a trip up the east coast for a month?
  • A city hostel bed/
  • A night out at a pub
Where can intending visitors go to find the latest/current cost of things (websites)?
Plus we want your tips on touring Australia on a budget. How do you see it all without breaking the bank – or being a hobo.


If you’d like to take up this opportunity please apply below. Send an outline of what you’ll write (dazzle us with your arcane knowledge), and impress us with how well you know Australia and what Nomads do while they’re there.


You must be able to write in grammatically correct English. You must have personal experience of the destination (no desk researched articles).


The article should be up to 1000 words. We pay 20 cents per word (total = $200AUD)