Write a guide to Perth & WA

This job has been awarded – now closed.

We need a traveller’s guide to Perth & WA for World Nomads. Want to write for us?

The Job:

We want a travel writer to write a guide to being a smarter traveller to Perth. Not just what are the things to do and see, but tips, tricks and practical knowledge to help the first time visitor. Note: we have specific requirements as per the detailed brief below


We require a well-written, English language article from a writer/journalist who has an intimate knowledge of Perth. You live there, or have lived there, maybe travelled there recently or do so often. You consider yourself an insider when it comes to Australia. You can write about Perth through the eyes of a visitor. The copy must specifically address the following criteria in 3 major categories:

Is it Safe?

  • Places to avoid.
  • How to stay safe
  • Safety for women
  • Nightlife

Travel Smarter/Travel Tips

  • Transport Tips – Bus, taxi, ferry, hire car, moto-scooters. How to use public transport. Tips for getting around the city.
  • Money – Cash, currency and credit cards. Shopping hubs.
  • How to enjoy the city like a local

Must Do’s

  • Adventure activities
  • Extraordinary experiences
  • Instead of that, do this!

The articles must address the common thread “how to be a smarter traveller in this city”.

Imagine a good friend is going to Perth for the first time and has asked you for advice on how to stay safe and have a good time. Don’t forget, we are World Nomads, and like you we don’t always want run-of-the-mill, predictable, “touristy” advice. Our audience wants real advice from real travellers. They like cultural experiences, adventure and authenticity. They’re experienced globetrotters, passionate about travel. Many of them like an adventure that pushes them to their limits. They use the excitement to re-energise their lives. They’re travelling with a partner or a few friends. Of course they’ll do the obvious things while in the city, but they want more, something else, a “real” experience.

Keep this profile in mind and let it dictate your writing.


If you’d like to apply for this opportunity please apply below. Send an outline of what you’ll write (dazzle us with your arcane knowledge), and impress us with how well you know Perth and what Nomads want while they’re there.


You must be able to write in grammatically correct English. You must have personal experience of the destination (no desk researched articles).


The article should be up to 1000 words. We pay 20 cents per word (total = $200AUD)