Write – Visas & Working in Australia

This job has been awarded – now closed.

Research and write an article about visas and working holidays in Australia.

The Job: 

We want someone to research and write about the ins-and-outs of visitor visas and the rules around working holidays in Australia.

We’re a global country, but specifically address US, UK, European and Brazilian Nomads.

What are the types of visas available to Nomads. What are the conditions, and who is eligible?
What happens if you overstay?
Are you allowed to work while on holiday?
What type of jobs are available, where do you find them, what do they pay?
Do you need any special skills? What about certificates/training?
Do you have to pay tax? What happens to the compulsory superannuation contributions?
What about sponsored work?
What if you want to stay – forever, how do you get residency?


If you’d like to take up this opportunity please apply below. Send an outline of what you’ll write (dazzle us with your arcane knowledge), and impress us with your grasp of the subject.


You must be able to write in grammatically correct English.

The information must be factually correct, from official sources (fact checking will be done).


The article should be up to 1000 words. We pay 20 cents per word (total = $200AUD)