City guides for Urban Adventures

This opportunity is NOW CLOSED.

So many great applications – thank you, but Urban Adventures have enough for now.

Urban Adventures knows Nomads know their stuff, and they want you to write posts for their blog… and they’re paying!

Our partners at Urban Adventures want 500 word blog posts detailing not-in-the-guidebook tips for visiting some of the world’s greatest cities, and they’re willing to pay Nomads $75CAD for any they select, commission and publish.

The brief:

Can you write a blog post about any of these cities?

  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • Singapore
  • San Jose (Costa Rica)
  • Panama City
  • Hong Kong
  • Seoul
  • Bangkok
  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Cairo
  • Miami


UA prefer practical guides and tips with a round-up of things todo in the city that you won’t find in the guidebooks; bars to visit, restaurants to eat at, foods to try, beers to taste, districts to visit for a unique experience, cultural nuances to be aware of and seek out, and how to not look like a tourist jerk while doing it.

Personal experience narrative, written in the first person is encouraged. UA will give you an author credit (byline) if you’re published on their blog.

Like World Nomads, our friends at Urban Adventures don’t want bland, run-of-the-mill copy. Give it personality, and make it a true “insider’s guide” to the city, told by someone who’s been there, experienced the place and its people, and really knows what they’re talking about.

Mojos staff will collate the best of the applications, send themoff to UA, who will choose the authors they wish to commission, and arrange payment.


$75CAD for published work as commissioned by Urban Adventures. Payment will be made by Urban Adventures.

Skills Set:

Grammatically correct English.

How to apply:

Send your details through the Mojos application box below.

Make it very clear which city or cities you intend to write about.

Tell us why you think you can do the job.

Give us a brief OUTLINE (bulletpoints or topic headings only – do not write your post) of what you’ll write.

Details of your experience/qualifications to write about the city you choose.