Tanzania: Travel Writers Wanted!

This writing opportunity is now closed! Keep your eye out for our latest Insider’s Guides here, and be sure to check back on the homepage for new opportunities!

We’re looking for locals and travelers to reveal Tanzania’s best-kept secrets and how to experience this incredible destination. We’re specifically looking for travel writers and photographers who can share their knowledge and insights on Tanzania, rather than someone who has just passed through on a quick trip.

Take a look at the titles and briefs below, and in your application tell us why you’re the best applicant for the job. The more detail you provide in your pitch, the better your chances of hearing back from us!

Deadlines: Opportunity now closed.

Payment: We will pay US $0.50 cents per word, to a maximum number of words per article. Payment for images will be discussed further if you’re a successful applicant.


1. Game On: The Game Reserves and Safaris Worth Experiencing in Tanzania (550 words)

Brief: Have you sampled a range of Safaris and visited multiple Game Reserves while in Tanzania? We’re looking for someone who can write about Selous Game Reserve, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park and any other, less well-known safari spots you think are worthwhile.

Highlight the wildlife a traveler can expect to see in each area, when to visit, the great Wildebeest Migration, safari etiquette to keep in mind and the importance of choosing a sustainable safari. Think more budget options, not luxury.

2. Tribes in Tanzania (550 words)

Brief: Talk about the different tribes and ethnic groups in Tanzania, how travellers can learn about the local tribes, and get to know the local culture. Highlight cultural beliefs, traditional religions and rituals, as well as ways to give back to the local tribal communities during your visit.

Also talk about Swahili culture and name any local villages travelers can visit. Please focus on ethical and responsible travel and how to get the most out of your trip without damaging the local culture and environment. We’d like for this piece to feature your own personal experiences.

3. Top Hiking & Climbing Destinations in Tanzania (550 words)

Brief: Have you scaled Mount Kilimanjaro, hiked to the craters of Ngorongoro Conservation Area or seen the wildlife of Udzungwa Mountains? We are looking for a writer or traveler who can talk about their experience of hiking in Tanzania, the top hikes and climbs to do beyond Mt Kilimanjaro, and the best times to set off.

Include both day hikes and multi-day treks, and indicate the level of difficulty: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced.

Your article should mention the following keywords: Mount Kilimanjaro, Udzungwa Mountains, Mount Meru, Lake Empakaai and Ngorongoro Conservation area. But please include other, less well-known routes you think are worthwhile.

4. A Local’s Guide to Zanzibar (550 words)

Brief: We need a writer or traveler to share the most authentic experiences in Zanzibar. Highlight secluded beaches, adventure activities on offer, the clearest snorkelling and diving spots, the stone town and what else there is to see and do on the island.

We want to hear about your local encounters, the culture, getting to the island, when to visit and recommendations for food and nightlife.

5. Food & Festivals in Tanzania (550 words)

Brief: Talk about the food and festival scene in Tanzania, authentic dishes to try and the festivals worth experiencing. Include any food & festival safety tips for travelers.

Key topics to include for food: Spice plantations, unique dishes to try and the different cultural influences on food.

Key topics to include for festivals: Mwaka Kogwa Festival, Waynyambo Festival and Kiliman Adventure Challenge. Highlight the different religions in Tanzania that celebrate different festivals.

6. Etiquette and Faux Pas (550 words)

Brief: Talk about the things travellers should know before a trip to Tanzania: how to dress in public, common behaviors you should avoid, visiting villages, how to address others. Please include your own faux pas in Tanzania, let others learn from your mistakes!

7. Think We’re Missing Something? Pitch Your Idea to Us! 

If you’ve been to other areas of Tanzania (not mentioned above) and had a surprising cultural encounter or incredibly exciting adventure, do you have a story to tell? Or, do you have tips for travel to a unique destination that can’t be found in the guide books?


We have specific requirements for style, tone, and approach. DO NOT SEND COMPLETED WORK THROUGH MOJOS. You must apply to be awarded the commissions, where you should include links to your personal travel blog or examples of your work, and we will be in touch if you are successful with more details regarding the assignment.

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