Myanmar: Travel Writers Wanted!

Thanks to all of those who applied to be a part of our Insider’s Guide to Myanmar. Applications are now closed. Keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities coming soon.

Have you recently explored Myanmar? We’re looking for professional writers and photographers to be a part of our Insider’s Guide to Myanmar!

We’re looking for writers that can talk about experiences and offer useful tips for traveling around the country. We don’t want to hear about luxurious travel, fine dining, or elephant riding.

Have a look through the titles and let us know in the submission form below which ones you’re an expert at, and why you are perfect to write the story.

Please note – we have a specific brief, with specific requirements for style, tone and approach. DO NOT SEND COMPLETED WORKS THROUGH MOJOS. You must apply to be awarded the commissions, where you should include links to published work or your own travel blog, and we will be in touch if you are successful with more details regarding the assignment.

Deadlines: Applications by 30th June

First draft by 17th July

Payment: 50 cents (USD) per word. If you’re a blogger, writer or author, we’re also happy to put a backlink in the author bio. For photo stories, payment will be discussed separately.

For Travel Safety content audit (briefs 35 – 40 only), we pay US $100 per article audit/re-write.

Expertise required: Professional Writers and Photographers wanted. See individual stories for more details.

The Brief:

Select one or more of the following stories about Myanmar. Please note, though the experiences mentioned in the brief of each story is mandatory, we also welcome your personal tips and additions – you’re the insider!

1. Cost guide to Myanmar (300 words maximum)

Write about the costs of travel in Myanmar, including transport, accommodation, a beer, food in restaurants vs street food,  activities, tours, bike rental, motorbike rental etc. To write this piece, it is important that you’ve traveled to Myanmar recently, so these costs are up to date.

2. Getting around Myanmar (500 words maximum)

Talk about traveling long distances in Myanmar and issues with transport running late, share your experiences on the best modes of transport to travel around, talk about taxis, busses, local transport options, hiring motorbikes, scooters or cycling.

3. Useful phrases for travelers to Myanmar (300 words maximum)

List useful phrases that will be handy for a trip to Myanmar. (Use this article as an example)

4. Tasty dishes to try in Myanmar (500 words maximum)

Talk about the food scene in Myanmar, and the best dishes to try. Explain the flavors, and any food safety tips for travelers.

5. Festivals in Myanmar (500 words maximum)

Looking for a traveler who can share their experiences at a range of festivals in Myanmar. Talk about where and how to take part in celebrations, it’s history, and what you will see, do, hear, and taste.

6. Etiquette and Faux Pas (500 words maximum)

Talk about the things travelers should know before a trip to Myanmar: how to dress in public, common behaviors you should avoid, what to do in a local homestay, how to address others, photography etiquette when photographing locals. Please include your own faux pas in Myanmar, let others learn from your mistakes!

7. Visas and Vaccinations (500 words maximum)

Are there any visa complications? Explain how travelers can apply for visas – don’t just refer to US/AU/UK. Talk about vaccination requirements (if there are any).

8. Where, When, and Why to go to Myanmar (500 words maximum)

Talk about the seasons in Myanmar, and when is best to go where. Focus on where travelers should go to suit specific interests: Should adventure travelers go to central Myanmar? Where should history buffs go? Where should foodies go? Where to go for photography enthusiasts?

9. Hiking and Biking in Myanmar (600 words maximum)

Talk about the best day hikes, and longer treks that include camping in Myanmar. Talk about accommodation types, and costs for these treks. Please also suggest mountain biking and cycling destinations.

10. Tribes in Myanmar (600 words maximum)

Talk about the different tribes in Myanmar, how travelers can learn about the local tribes, and get to know the local culture. Please focus on ethical and responsible travel, and how to get the most out of your trip without damaging the local culture and environment. We’d like for this piece to feature your own personal experiences.

11. Modern Myanmar (300 words maximum)

Myanmar is all about temples and archaeological sites. What about nightlife? Is there a food scene in Myanmar? We’re looking for a traveler who can share their views on ‘modern’ Myanmar – to reveal the ‘other’ side to this historic country.

12. Thailand/Myanmar Border Crossing, Logistics for Travelers (500 word maximum)

Looking for a writer that has up-to-date information on the status of border crossings in both the north and the south of Myanmar. Discuss logistics, and the changing status of these border crossings. Include links to relevant websites for more information where necessary.

13. Yangon things to see and do (500 words maximum)

Share your top experiences in Yangon, including as many of the following as possible: Shwedagon Paya, BoTataung pagoda, evening stroll along Inya Lake, markets, temples, Yangon River, Sule Paya, Kandawgyi Lake, Hledan Market, Kyauk Taw Gyi. Hlawga National Park, day trip to Thanlyin (the nearby historic town).

14. Explore Bago (500 words maximum)

Share your top experiences in Bago, including palaces, Buddhist sites, monasteries, temples and archaeological sites to explore. Please mention as many of the following as possible: Shwemawdaw Pagoda, Shwethalyaung Buddha, Taungoo markets, Kyaikpun Pagoda, Kyaik Pun Paya,

15. Multi-day Hike in Myanmar: Tell Your Story! (600 words maximum)

Have you hiked to the holiest Buddhist site in Myanmar, Kyaiktiyo Paya? Or have you spent days hiking through Myanmar’s north? We want to hear the story of your journey, plotting out the itinerary. The story must include details on your guide, costs associated with the hike, who you met along the way, safety tips, what you’ll eat, how you’ll sleep etc.

16. Caving, Monasteries & Temples in Mawlamyine (500 words maximum)

Tell us your favorite experiences, and talk about the top things to see and do in Mawlamyine. Please talk about temples, buildings, outdoor activities, and markets.

17. Exploring Hpa-An (500 words maximum)

Share your experiences in Hpa-An, including Kan Thar Yar Lake, Shweyinhmyaw Paya, Mount Hpar Pu, Caves, and climbing Mount Zwegabin.

18. Beaches in Myanmar to Explore (600 words maximum)

Share your experiences exploring the beaches in Myanmar, including any of the following: Chaung Tha, Ngwe Saung, Ngapali Beach. Talk about things to do, why it’s worth the journey all the way there, and what makes them unique compared to more touristy beaches around South East Asia.

19. Explore the Sleepy Fishing Village of Pathein (500 words maximum)

Talk about the best markets, workshops, day hikes, cycling tours, homestays, and experiences in Pathein. Please mention Shwemokhtaw Paya.

20. See and do the best of Mandalay (500 words maximum)

Write about the best experiences in Mandalay. We’re looking for travelers who have done/seen as many of the following activities/sights as possible: climbing Mandalay Hill, visiting Mandalay Palace, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Shwenandaw Monastery, Mahamuni Buddha Temple, Pyin Oo Lwin gardens, Hsinbyume Pagoda, and Nyaung-U.

21. Explore Mingun (500 words maximum)

Share your top experiences for explorers in Mingun. Please include Pondaw Paya, Mingun Bell, and Hsinbyume Paya.

22. Amarapura (500 words maximum)

Share your top experiences in Amapura. Include U Bein’s Bridge, Kyauktawgyi Paya, and any other sites to see, or activities nearby.

23. Day-Trip from Mandalay to Inwa (300 words maximum)

We’re looking for someone to share their experiences in Inwa. Talk about Bagaya Kyaung Monastery, and what to see and do in the old capital.

24. Sagaing (500 words maximum)

Share your top experiences in Sagaing. Please include Buddhist monasteries, temples and historical sites to visit. You must mention Umin Thounzeh, Soon U Ponya Shin Paya, and Sagaing Hill.

25. Exploring Hsipaw (500 words maximum)

Talk about things to see and do in Hsipaw, the charming and laid-back town located high in the hills of Shan State, near Mandalay. You should be able to talk about logistics getting there and back, day hikes, homestays, how to learn about the local culture, any unusual facts about the town.

26. Travel Restrictions in Northern Myanmar (500 words maximum)

With conflict in northern Myanmar, we’re looking for a writer who can talk about the issues travelers might face while going off-the-beaten-path, in the northern reaches. Talk about where travelers can explore safely (Katha, Bhamo, Hsipaw, Pyin Oo Lwin), what should be avoided, and what’s worth making the trip out there to see. These details need to be up-to-date.

27. Unusual Facts About Naypyidaw (the Capital) (500 words maximum)

Have you been to Naypyidaw, and what were your thoughts on this unusal capital? Pitch your personal story, and tell us about your experience. Did you visit Uppatasanti Pagoda, are there any day-trips? Where and how can you learn about the politics? Did you meet the locals, and what did they have to say about life in the new capital?

28. Inle Lake (300 words maximum, plus up to 5 photos)

Pitch your story about your travels to Myanmar’s infamous Inle Lake. Ideally, you will have photos to supplement this story as a photo blog, and you will also be able to recount interactions with locals, and re-tell any stories you learned along the way. Please also include your experiences in Kalaw, the main hub for travelers to Inle.

29. Get the most out of your trip to Bagan (500 words maximum)

Lots of travelers go to Bagan, but how can they explore local sites, and get the most out of their visit. Are there cycling tours? Any day hikes to explore further? We’re looking for a writer that can talk about their day-trip to Mount Popa.

30. Ballooning Over Bagan (300 words maximum, plus up to 5 photos)

We’re looking for a unique tale about a traveler who ballooned over Bagan. Everyone knows you go to Bagan for a balloon ride – but we want you to tell your story. Was there an unusual turn of events? Did you learn something new? Was the weather perfect, or were you cursed with cloudy skies? Pitch your story in 100 words or less.

31. Pyay & the Ruins of Thayekhittaya (500 words maximum)

We’re looking for a writer who can share their experiences in Pyay, the river-side town. You will need to include mention of temples, rivers, historical sites, and museums to visit.

32. Monywa District (500 words maximum)

Write about your experience exploring the surreal, disorienting, district of Monywa. You must talk about Thanbodday Pagoda with its 500,000 Buddha images, and Bodhi Tataun, various nearby caves and rivers.

33. Irawaddy River (300 words maximum)

Looking for a writer to share their experience taking a boat trip down the Irawaddy River from Bagan to Mandalay, and talk about why it’s better to take the boat ride than catch transport.

34. Pitch your travel story! (600 words maximum)

We’re looking for the best travel stories in Myanmar! We want you to pitch your compelling travel tales, adventure mis-haps, and cultural experiences. Your story could be funny, thought provoking, or something that inspires people to travel.

The pitch should excite us so much that we want to you to write it for us. Final story should be no longer than 600 words. Do not submit full story, just the pitch in 100 words or less.

Travel Safety Content Audit

We’re looking for writers to help update all of our existing Travel Safety content for Myanmar.

In your application, please identify which articles (below) you would like to re-write. Note that payment is different for content audits. We  pay US $100 per article audit/re-write.

If chosen, you will be provided with the current article, and required to either re-write, or sub-edit including any changes or updated facts required. Please note, we are looking for writers that have recently been there in the last two years, please tell us when you visited Myanmar, as the safety content needs an up-to-date refresh.

35. Terror Threats in Myanmar – Do these threats still stand? What are the updates on the political climate, and the current situation in Myanmar.

36. Getting around safely – Please provide updates on the road situation, and the safety for travelers getting around.

37. Health conscious travel – Please update accordingly if you believe there are any required changes. Share your own experiences of health and hygiene to help add to the article.

38. Money in Myanmar – The money situation has changed since this article was written. If you are chosen to re-write this piece, we will need you to provide up-to-date information on ATMs, money exchange, and the situation with currency.

39. Ethical travel in Myanmar – Looking for a writer to update this article with current information, and confirm if any details are now out-dated.

40. Crime and safety in Myanmar – This article should be updated with any new scams, or crimes, that you are aware of in Myanmar. Please update any old statements, or changes to the political climate.

Tips for applicants:

These stories are designed to be standalone blog posts to be featured on, but will also be reformatted to become a downloadable Insider’s Guide.

Please include links to examples of your own work published elsewhere, and explain why you’re best suited to write each article. List the number of the article next to the title above. Due to large numbers of applicants, we select writers based on the amount of extra detail provided around why they are best suited to write for World Nomads.

Take a look at existing content in our Explore blog, and Travel Safety advice, for a better idea on our tone of voice, and what World Nomads are all about.

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