Mexico Guide: Travel Writers Wanted!

We’re looking for experienced travel writers to reveal Mexico’s best outdoor adventures and cultural experiences, and ways to get the most out of this beautiful country.

In your application we want to hear about authentic and interesting things to see and do, beyond the usual top attractions. Think independent and off-the-beaten-track, not luxury.

Please only apply to briefs regarding areas you have direct knowledge of. Research is great (and getting the details right is important), but what we’re really looking for is your first-hand expertise.

We’d also like you to share first-person descriptions of what you personally saw and experienced: what the local culture is like, what wildlife/livestock can be seen, what is the geography and scenery, what is the temperature, the weather, what does it feel like to be there. Bring in the emotion of travel. For example, instead of writing… “Don’t miss a visit to El Cerro for a great view of the sunset….” write “The view from El Cerro is unforgettable as the sun dips below the horizon.” Make the place come alive for the reader as much as possible. Assume they know nothing about the destination.

Please note – we have specific briefs, with specific requirements for style, tone and approach. DO NOT SEND COMPLETED WORKS THROUGH MOJOS. You must apply to be awarded the commissions, where you should include links to published work or your own travel blog, and if you’re successful we’ll be in touch with more details regarding the assignment.

Deadlines: Applications due October 18. First draft due October 26.

Payment: 50 cents (USD) per word. If you’re a blogger, writer, or author, we’re also happy to put a backlink in the author bio. For photo stories, payment will be discussed separately.

Expertise required: Professional writers and photographers wanted. See individual stories for more details.

Most of our briefs have been assigned, but we’re still looking for writers for the following topics:

1. A Local’s Gide to Social Etiquette in Mexico (375 words MAX)
What are the social rules and customs that govern Mexican society, and how do they differ region to region? How should travelers dress and behave in order to show respect and avoid giving offense? What should travelers expect as far as greetings and social interactions?

2. Unique Festivals in Mexico (200 words MAX)
Tell us about a really interesting festival you attended. What makes it special? What does it celebrate? What was it like to be there? Ideally we want to know about smaller, lesser-known festivals in out-of- the-way places.

3. A Local’s Guide to Mexico’s Nature and Wildlife (1000 words MAX)
Where should travelers who want to see wildlife go? What about rare and interesting geological formations or plant life? Have you been to Tehuacan-cuicatlan Valley, Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, or Laguna de Bacalar? What about El Truinfo Biosphere Reserve, Selva El Ocote, or Baja’s Valle de los Cirios? Share your personal experience and tell us what flora and fauna can be seen. Discuss how to get there, where to stay, how to hire a guide, and the best time of year to visit. Preference will be given to writers who are also naturalists or nature guides.

4. Where to See Birds and Butterflies in Mexico (750 words MAX)
We need a writer who knows all about birds and butterflies to tell us the best places to see them, the ideal time of year to go, and how to get there. Share your personal experience at one or more of these places: La Tovara National Park, Sian Ka’an Biosphere, Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, Islas Marietas, Catemaco. Did you have an amazing experience at a butterfly sanctuary? Which sanctuaries do you recommend, and why?  Preference will be given to writers who are also naturalists or nature guides.

5. Unforgettable Mexico Experiences (250 words MAX)
Tell us about your only-in-Mexico experience. Was it a memorable homestay? A local custom you took part in? Have you been to the firefly sanctuary in Nanacamilpa? Did you learn a local craft? Share your glimpse into a unique aspect of Mexico and its culture.

Tips for Applicants:

These stories are designed to be standalone blog posts to be featured on, but will also be reformatted to become a downloadable Guide.

Take a look at existing content in our Explore and Travel Safety blog, for a better idea on our tone of voice, and what World Nomads are all about.

See below for some examples:

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Please include links to examples of your work published elsewhere.