Japan Surf and Scuba Experts

Opportunity closed. New ones coming soon.

Are you a Japanese local, or just back from a trip there? We need your help to write about the best surfing and scuba diving spots across Japan and be a part of World Nomad’s latest Insider’s Guide to Japan! 

Have a look through the titles and let us know in the submission form below which ones you’re an expert at and why you are perfect to write the story.

Please note – we have a specific brief, with specific requirements for style, tone and approach. DO NOT SEND COMPLETED WORKS THROUGH MOJOS. You must apply to be awarded the commissions and we will be in touch if you are successful with more details regarding the assignment.

Deadlines: Applications by 12th September
First draft by 19th September

Payment: 30 cents (USD) per word, 550 words max. If you’re a blogger, writer or author, we’re also happy to put a backlink in the author bio. For photo stories, payment will be discussed separately.

Expertise required: Writers and Photographers wanted. See individual stories for more details.


The Brief:

Select one or more of the following stories. Please note, though included experiences under each story is mandatory, we also welcome your personal tips and additions – you’re the insider!

1. Top Surfing Experiences in Japan (550 words maximum, plus up to 10 photos if required)
Tell us about the top surfing experiences in Japan. Including best beaches and best places to catch waves. We want to hear about your personal experience!

2. Top Scuba Experiences in Japan (550 words maximum, plus up to 10 photos if required)
Top scuba and snorkelling experiences in Japan. We want to hear about your personal experience. Key places to include are; Bonin Islands diving, Izu Peninsula diving, Ryukyu Islands diving, Tsushima Island diving, plus any of your own suggestions.


Tips for applicants:
These stories are designed to be standalone blog posts to be featured on WorldNomads.com, but will also be reformatted to become a downloadable Insider’s Guide.

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