Indonesia Insider’s Wanted!

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We’re looking for locals and travelers who’ve explored Indonesia beyond it’s tourist hot-spots. From searching for orangutangs in Sumatra to hiking to the top of Mount Bromo, we’re looking for the best adventure activities, cultural experiences and tastiest cuisine in all of Indonesia.

Take a look at the titles and briefs below, and in your application tell us why you’re the best applicant for the job. The more detail you provide in your pitch, the better your chances of hearing back from us!

Deadlines: Opportunity now closed.

Payment: We will pay US $0.50 cents per word, to a maximum number of words per article. Payment for images will be discussed further if you’re a successful applicant.

Expertise required: We’re looking for writers or locals that know Indonesia inside out. We aren’t looking for travelers who have merely passed through on a whirlwind trip.


1. Indonesian Island Life: Nusa, Gili & Raja Ampat (600 words)

Brief: Looking for a traveller who can cover the following islands: Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, Gili Islands, Raja Ampat, and Karimanjawa. In your pitch, please tell us what makes each island unique. Provide details on which where’s best for family travel and where to go for adventure/culture/wildlife.

Highlight the cultural highlights, temples, adventure activities, best places to go snorkelling/scuba diving etc. You must be able to provide tips on sustainable tourism on Indonesia’s islands.

If you’ve explored Lombok, we’d like to investigate the difficulties the locals face with tourists. As Lombok is a Muslim island, there’s a different level of respect required by travelers here, and many people visit not knowing this. We’d like to know more from an insider.

2. Southern Indonesia: Explore Flores & Komodo (600 words)

Brief: Have you discovered the best experiences on Komodo, Nusa Tenggara, Sumba Island, and Rinca Island? In your pitch, tell us about the best you went snorkelling and scuba diving, hiking, where to find waterfalls, best places to stay, hidden natural wonders, and wildlife encounters. We’d love to hear some safety tips around Komodo dragons.

3. Dangerously Beautiful Sumatra: An Insider’s Guide (600 words)

Brief: We’re looking for a writer who can discuss the dangers of travel to Sumatra (political unrest, volcanoes, earthquakes), and weigh up the pros of visiting the region.

In your pitch, please share the highlights of a trip there: the national parks, eco-tourism, trekking, where to go for an insight into the local culture, wildlife experiences (Orangutangs in particular).
Some other key destinations to include: Bintan Island and Padang.

4. A Nomad’s Guide to Sulawesi (600 words)

Brief: This article should talk about the dangers in Central Sulawesi, and go into detail on the adventure and cultural highlights of exploring south, north and west Sulawesi. There are a number of safety concerns expressed by government travel warning sites, but we want to know what travelers will be risking to explore this part of Indonesia.

Provide tips on safe places to go, adventure activities, wildlife experiences, cultural encounters.

5. The Other Half of Borneo: A Nomad’s Guide to Kalimantan (600 words)

Brief: We’re looking for a local or writer who has explored Kalimantan’s west, central, and south. Talk about where to see Orangutans, wildlife tours, eco-tourism and sustainable tourism in Kalimantan, cultural experiences, and a few of your own personal safety tips.

6. Explore Java: A Local’s Guide* (600 words)

Brief: We need a writer or traveler to share the best experiences on Java. The article must cover Bandung, Surabaya.

In your pitch we’re looking for experiences beyond the main cities, temples, and tourist trail. We want to hear about your local cultural encounters, wildlife experiences, favorite local food, recommendations for secluded beaches or adventure hot-spots.

*Please note, we have a separate article commissioned for Yogyakarta. This article should not go into too much detail on Yogyakarta.

7. West Papua: The Dangers of Exploring Indonesia’s Wild West (600 words)

Brief: This article must discuss the dangers and safety issues in West Papua. While we aren’t recommending travel to dangerous places, we want to know what travelers will experience if they do choose to go here, from cultural shock to wildlife and adventure.

What potential issues will travelers face venturing too far off the beaten path in West Papua? In your pitch, tell us why you’re best suited to write this piece.

Key topics: Safety, diving, Raja Ampat island, cultural encounters, wildlife, adventure.

8. Food & Nightlife in Indonesia (550 words)

Brief: Have you explored multiple islands of Indonesia and tasted local dishes, sampled coffee and dipped into the bars? We want to know how the nightlife and food differs across Indonesia’s diverse islands.

Some key topics to include for food: Coffee plantations (in particular we would like the article to discuss the unethical way animals are caged to produce Kopi Luwak coffee in Bali), unique dishes to try and cooking classes to check out.

Key topics to include for nightlife: The second half of this article should cover the highlights (and dangers) of nightlife across the Indonesian Islands, and how travelers can enjoy the nightlife responsibly.

9. Top Spiritual Sites in Indonesia (550 words)

Brief: Aside from the obvious temples in Bali, what other temples and spiritual sites can travelers find across Indonesia? In your pitch, tell us where you’d like to write about, and provide details on why these locations will offer a deeper insight into Indonesian culture.

10. Top Adventure Destinations in Indonesia (550 words)

Brief: Have you traveled far and wide through Indonesia to find the best surf breaks, hike to the top of remote volcanoes, spend a night camping, or discover the best snorkelling and diving sites?

This article must cover off the best islands and adventure activities for adrenaline junkies. Key topics we’re looking for: surfing, water sports, hiking, camping, diving, snorkelling.

11. Think We’re Missing Something? Pitch Your Idea to Us! 

If you’ve been to any other Indonesian islands (not mentioned above) and had a surprising cultural encounter or incredibly exciting adventure, do you have a story to tell? Or, do you have tips for travel to a unique destination that can’t be found in the guide books?


We have specific requirements for style, tone, and approach. DO NOT SEND COMPLETED WORK THROUGH MOJOS. You must apply to be awarded the commissions, where you should include links to your personal travel blog or examples of your work, and we will be in touch if you are successful with more details regarding the assignment.

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