Do You Know Japan? (paid)


More just like this soon!


Summary: Audit World Nomads travel safety content for Japan, make suggested corrections and additions. Paid opportunity.

Deadlines: Preferably 1 week after we commission you to do the audit.

Payment: Audit all articles at make suggestions for corrections and additions. Payment: We will pay you $60AUD for an audit of a destination’s copy, suggested corrections or additions.

Brief: World Nomads has over 800 articles addressing travel safety issues in over 198 countries around the world. It’s a hard task keeping all of it up-to-date, relevant and accurate. We want you to help.

If you know Japan like the back of your hand, if you consider yourself an expert, or have insider knowledge we want to commission you to read all our safety advice and tell us what’s wrong, what’s out of date, and what else we should be writing about.

We know you love the country, but you must remain objective. be honest. be accurate. be impartial.

World Nomads is not about sugar coating the problems, we like to tell it the way it really is AND arm travellers with the knowledge on how to avoid the trouble or deal with it if it happens. We firmly believe Nomads will still travel to a trouble spot IF they know what to expect and have some insider knowledge on how to cope with it.

You DO NOT need to be a writer or journalist. Just tell us the facts and we will do the writing from your notes.

If you ARE a writer that’s an advantage, and if you have suggestions for additional articles we should write, or have topics that need addressing we can discuss commissioning you to write them, and settle on a rate.