Writer who knows Austin wanted

This job has been awarded – now closed.

Writer wanted who knows Austin, USA like a local!

World Nomads is expanding its Travel Smart content for the USA and we need someone with an intimate knowledge of Austin to write 1500 words that will make any visitor an instant expert and instantly comfortable in the city.

We have a specific brief, with specific requirements for the style, tone and approach. This is NOT a travelogue about Austin. This is NOT a first person descriptive ‘blog’ about your time in Austin. You WILL be the voice of World Nomads – a trusted travel brand with a keen sense of being a member of the community of independent, adventurous travellers. Nomads travel rather than vacation. They seek experiences, they connect with locals, they learn new things, they give back, and they share their stories while staying safe and informed. This article will be the voice of the Nomads mother ship – assisting all other Nomads to do Austin like a boss!

Here is the specific brief and word count.

DO NOT SEND COMPLETED WORK THROUGH MOJOS. You must apply to be awarded the commission. Tell us why we should pick you, why you are a Austin expert, what you know about it that only locals know, and why you want to share your secrets with others. Tell us about your writing experience, and tell us a little about what you’ll write.


Applications close on Monday February 15th and the content is due to be delivered one week later (sooner is better).


We will pay 25 cents (USD) per word. If you are a blogger, writer or author we are happy to put a backlink in the author bio.

The brief:

The things you should be scared of in Austin (and what to do about it). [350 words]

Disease. Crime. Scams. Natural phenomenon. Gangs. Excessive policing. Anything that might pose a threat to the safety and enjoyment of a visitor.

Ways to be a smarter traveller when in Austin. [350 words]

Tips, tricks and advice – from a local – about how to not seem like a dumb tourist. How to use the pubic transport system (e.g. in Sydney it’s nearly impossible to get a taxi at 3pm because that’s when cars return to base to swap drivers). Cultural insights.

Alternatives to the “must do” things in Austin (instead of that, do this!) [300 words]

Look at the “must do’s” of Austin and suggest alternatives that have an authentic, local flavour, or are little-known variations. If the local ‘must do’ really IS a must do, then how do you put a local twist on the experience?

Foods/drinks you should try while in Austin. [250 words]

What’s good to eat or drink and where’s the best place to get that authentic Austin feeling?

Adventure experiences to try in Austin. [250 words]

What is there in and around Austin for a bit of fun and adventure? Either organised or ad hoc. Zip lining, rock climbing, hiking, canyoning, skiing, etc.

Tips for applicants

Think about creating a listicle on steroids – we won’t prescribe the number of items in each section outlined above, but how would you approach it if the title really was “5 things you should be scared of in X (and what to do about them)’, and “5 ways to be a smarter traveller in X’, and “5 alternatives to the must do’s in X’. Then, added a little of your writer’s flair to it.

It doesn’t have to be 5 – you decide within the parameters of the brief.

Be concise. Be frugal with your words, get to the essence quickly, but always provide value to the reader – give them detail they can use.

Bullet points and nuggets of information are fine, but make sure to add some pizazz to it.

Humour is welcome. A cheeky, tell-it-like-it-is tone is great.

Treat the reader like they’re a passionate traveller – they just don’t know much about your destination.

The content will primarily be displayed on web, but more and more of our community are reading it on mobile where large, dense, complex articles are hard to digest.